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Cooking sugar-free bacon might be difficult, however these hacks will guarantee your strips end up completely crisp and evenly cooked each time! Works for each turkey and pork.

Most people have no idea that virtually all bacon contains sugar! This is the case whether you prefer strips made of pork or turkey.

While those who eat a standard, sugar-loaded Western diet likely don’t care, if you are on a gut-healing diet or otherwise watching your carbs, this revelation is definitely problematic.

Why is There Sugar in Bacon?

Why on earth would food companies add sugar to bacon? When I first noticed this years ago, it seems completely crazy!

However, if you are a food producer, sugared-up bacon increases sales. Here’s how…

First, sugar keeps the bacon strips from sticking to the pan. Thus, it is easier to cook and achieves better, more consistent results for the customer.

Secondly, sugar in bacon browns and crisps up the strips better. Thus, the visual appearance of the cooked bacon is more appealing.

While this might not seem like much, consistency and visual appeal can make the difference between choosing one brand over another.

Where to Find Bacon with No Added Sugar

Note that simply switching to organic bacon does not ensure a sugar-free product.

Even if bacon is antibiotic and nitrate free, it still contains sugar in most cases!

Shockingly, even local pastured farms that make bacon sometimes add sugar. And, unless the product is certified organic, it might be GMO sugar too.

If you don’t have any in your area, this is a good source for small farms with a sugar-free product that supply free transport.

On the retailer, the few large manufacturers that make sugarless bacon often emblazon it on the packaging, as you’ll be able to see within the picture above. It may also say “Paleo Bacon”, which is one other time period for bacon with out added sugar.

When you don’t see the phrases “Sugar-Free” in massive letters on the bundle, make sure to learn the high-quality print within the elements part earlier than shopping for. Plan to pay a bit extra for bacon that’s sugar-free too. One of these product is made in smaller batches, and with much less demand usually comes a better value.

Cooking Paleo Bacon Completely Each Time!

When you’ve recognized an excellent supply, that you must perceive that the sort of bacon isn’t going to prepare dinner the identical because the sugared variations you’ve fried up up to now.

The primary few occasions I attempted to fry up bacon made with none sugar it turned out shockingly unhealthy! The strips had been a mutilated mess from my makes an attempt to show them with out little items pulling off each which means.

Do Not Broil within the Oven!

I attempted broiling it within the oven too. Whereas this methodology works nice as a time saver for normal bacon, not so for sugar-free model.

The strips curled up and cooked very inconsistently. I ended up spending extra time making an attempt to salvage the scenario than if I had simply cooked just a few at a time in a pan on the stovetop.

Since presentation is necessary the place household acceptance is worried, my children weren’t too thrilled about consuming mangled bits of bacon. It didn’t look “regular”.

Despite the fact that the ugly strips tasted high-quality, the optics on a plate had been unappetizing.

Happily, I did finally learn to prepare dinner paleo-style bacon effectively, however it took plenty of failed makes an attempt.

When you’d prefer to keep away from the frustration I skilled, listed here are my two ideas for cooking it up completely each time.

Minimize Strips in Half

My first tip for cooking up sugar-free bacon is to chop the strips in half earlier than cooking them.

This goes an extended solution to stopping the tendency for the strips to twist up on the ends.

Shorter strips that keep flat assist make sure that the bacon is cooked evenly.

Flip Strips Rapidly to Keep away from Sticking

My second suggestion for cooking sugar-free bacon is to show the strips twice when first including to the frying pan.

This goes an extended solution to forestall sticking, which causes little items to interrupt off the strips and a mutilated look to the tip consequence.

The best way I recommend to do that is to show the strips about 30 seconds after including to a sizzling pan.

Then, flip the strips again to the unique facet after one other 30 seconds.

In brief, you need to attempt to completely warmth each side of the strips inside one minute of including to the pan.

After that, you’ll be able to flip the strips till cooked in the identical means as industrial sugared bacon.

Have you ever ever tried sugar-free bacon earlier than? What hacks have you ever developed to prepare dinner it in order that it seems properly brown, evenly cooked, and crisp?

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