The way to Remove Varroa Mite Naturally

woman applying natural treatment for varroa mite to beehive.


The way to get rid of a varroa mite infestation naturally whereas preserving the protection of the bees and integrity of the colony.

woman applying natural treatment for varroa mite to beehive.

As a brand new beekeeper, I used to be horrified to not too long ago be taught of an rigid authorities coverage in Australia that’s mandating the burning of beehives with gasoline for potential varroa mite infestations.

That is the case even when the beehives present no proof of an outbreak.

“Combat the mite” is the federal government’s catchy rallying cry. What really appears to be taking place, nevertheless, is a purposeful assault on a key facet of Australia’s meals manufacturing.

Varroa mite outbreak in beehives is definitely an enormous downside. Nonetheless, infestations could be simply managed with out destruction of the hive itself. Extra on how to do that under.

Regardless of the flexibility to naturally management varroa, authorities officers in Australia are taking the trail of least resistance…burn all of it down.

The heartbreaking video under posted by VastHarvestPermaculture is despicable in addition to deranged.

With actually no bodily proof, a whole bunch of beehives are being burned with gasoline by the federal government.

That is the case even when beekeepers are capable of show they aren’t infested with varroa.

Why that is being accomplished to such a key a part of the meals chain is mystifying.

One has to contemplate the chance that harm to the meals provide is definitely the objective. Is varroa merely the excuse to deal a lethal blow to the home honey bee business?

VastHarvestPermaculture has many extra movies of this travesty unfolding in Australia.

The way to Deal with Varroa Mite Naturally

As a brand new beekeeper, it was extraordinarily necessary that I understand how to take care of varroa.

My teacher from Gem Apiaries launched me to a unhazardous method to deal with and get rid of varroa mites with out hurt to the bees or the hive.

This product is known as Apiguard and solely prices about $10 for a single remedy per hive.

The energetic ingredient in Apiguard is thymol, a phenol in thyme oil. It’s unhazardous and appropriate to be used in natural agriculture.

As soon as extracted from thyme oil, thymol presents as a white crystalline substance with a nice fragrant odor and highly effective antiseptic properties.

Apiguard combines thymol blended right into a slow-release gel that very successfully controls varroa mites in honeybee colonies.

The premade Apiguard trays are best to make use of for yard beekeepers.

Merely peel again the lid of 1 tray and place on prime of the brood frames gel aspect up as proven within the image on the prime of the article.

Depart ample sufficient house on the prime for the bees to get into the tray.

Shut the hive and depart the tray in place for two weeks.

Repeat with a second tray and depart in place for 2-4 weeks.

The nice information is that beekeepers can apply Apiguard at any time of day or season.

Nonetheless, beekeepers can acquire the very best outcomes by treating colonies within the late afternoon or night when the temperature is decrease and the bees are inside or returning to the hive.

In abstract, controlling varroa is a simple course of that doesn’t must deliver any hurt to the bees, the queen or the colony itself.

beekeeper holding tin of natural varroa mite treatment
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